A Mobile Game App That Will Improve Your Business!

Typing is a skill that is underrated but overused. Anyone who uses the computer must learn how to type properly, and some jobs require exceptional typing skills. Here is a mobile game app that helps you to improve the speed and efficiency of your typing. As a result, your employees work faster and become more productive, which creates positive results for the business.

The Typing Game

Steev James created The Typing Game, a mobile app game that allows you to practice hours of typing. You are asked to type words that appear on the screen and timed. The point is to increase your typing speed and improve pinpoint accuracy. Downloading it is free and safe with no ads attached. Find it available through Google Play Store.

The best part about the game is its convenience. Play in your free time while riding a bus or sitting in a waiting room. It can be played anywhere and in any location without an Internet connection.

How Does Typing Relate to Selling?

Typing is important if you send out numerous emails or text messages to business associates every day. Nowadays, more salespeople are communicating with their clients and coworkers through texts. Even if you’re writing emails, you cannot afford to be a slow or sloppy typist. While speaking in real time, it’s important to send messages quickly and with as few errors as possible. Fortunately, this app is open source and free. If you own an ISO, have your whole team download this app and give out prizes for high scores to motivate them to better their typing skills. After all, sometimes a deal comes down to a quick and precise message delivered to a merchant to let them know they are approved with funds on the way.

At Everest Business Funding, we care about our ISO partnership and want to see your team succeed. Whether that’s educating you on the latest technologies to improve your business or offering an easy to use portal for all your submissions, we’re here to help in any way we can. Join us today!

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