Letting your Clients Know Policy Updates

Companies understand the importance of updating their customers of any policy updates. It’s important to ensure there are no excuses a client can use to claim they were unaware of any policy changes. You also have to balance the effectiveness of which you deliver this information with a non-bothersome approach. These are still your customers and the last result one wants is to lose them because of excessive changes/communication. Below are some of the best ways to reach your customer.

Emails are the best way to let your customers know about your policy updates. Some people may not pick up calls from an unknown number and some may not want to be bothered at that time. Moreover, some individuals never want to text using their cell phones due to privacy concerns. Conversely, people will look at their emails regardless of whether they have the senders email address stored.

Your website
In addition to sending an email to your clients, you can develop a blog post on your site or a pop-up that will notify your clients about any policy changes. A pop-up is an extremely effective option if the policy changes require the visitor to read, scroll, and check mark to having read the policy changes before proceeding to the home page. This helps your customers to understand early enough that some changes have taken place with your policy before going through your website.

Open letter
The traditional and in some ways, more formal approach is a printed open letter mailed to customers.

A Sticky or Slide-in header
Another way of letting your customers know about your policy updates is through a non-intrusive stick or slide-in header. This method enables them to know that there are policy changes and a link can provide more detailed information.

In App Notification
If your company offers your clients an app for their smartphones, a notification is another option for communicating important company changes. And if the policy update only applies to current subscribers of your service, you can set the delivery of this policy change to only the affected clientele. This is one of the many benefits of creating an accompanying app for your clients. A merchant cash advance, can help provide you with the funds needed to commission this beneficial technology for your company and allows you the digital reach to inform your consumer of policy changes, new services and more.

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