How to Create Media Coverage for your Business

One of the most effective ways to increase awareness for your business is getting publicity. Below are 4 steps to creating media coverage:

Create a media portal

Reporters work under intense time pressure. Thus, when they need information (and your business maintains relevant resources), your business might be well-positioned to land a spot in an article. 

One sure-fire way to build a “one-stop media shop” is by inserting an “in the news” page within your business website. Such a page might contain an overview of your company, a fact sheet, biographies and headshots of the business team, product photographs and an interesting Q&A section along with any other media contact points. Such a page allows reports to quickly find information that is useful to reporters. 

Draft interesting press releases and transmit them to specific journalists

Press releases might focus on your new product rollouts, recent mergers or acquisitions or other newsworthy items that are of interest to reporters’ audiences. Additionally, you might position yourself as a “go-to” authority for events and developments within your industry or niche. Thus, building relationships with media outlets and reporters covering your industry is a worthy first step in generating free publicity for your small business. You should work to compile a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses for journalists writing about your industry.

After drafting your press release, you should email it with a catchy headline and interesting cover letter pitch. 93 percent of journalists prefer to receive press releases via email according to Cision, a global PR, and communications firm.

Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out!)

They provide free media services by Cision. HARO connects journalists’ sources. Joining the service will sign you up for receiving 3 daily industry-specific emails from reporters looking for sources to supplement their articles.

For example, a reporter sought a small business owner using LinkedIn, Monster or Indeed to find employees. Yet another reporter was sourcing spring gift guides from online store merchants. You could be an expert on some HARO topical emails, but again, time is of the essence for these busy professionals.

Communicate with Journalists on Social Media 

By following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook. You can help them (and create goodwill) by retweeting, sharing and commenting on their published pieces. Eventually, the reporters begin to recognize the familiar fan and media partner.

Send invitations to your company events or fundraisers. Use the opportunity to build relationships with journalists. As a bonus, the reporter might feature your event. At a minimum, it is another opportunity to broadcast your name with media insiders.

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