How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

In SEO, finding the right keyword tools can be very similar to shopping online at Amazon. Just when you think you can find the right tool for your needs; you get overwhelmed with all of the different options.

What can you do in these situations? Do you go with the most popular recommendation even if it’s not the best solution for your needs? How about the one that promises all of the extras but only has one or two online reviews?

Keyword Research and Maintaining Your Composure
One of the first things you learn as an SEO is how to select the right keywords. Search volume is an excellent indicator of a keyword if it is relevant and specific to your niche. When the keyword has excellent search volume and little relevance or is vague, it’s best to pass on it because it is not going to work with your content.

In this case, you will want to broaden your search so that you can carefully select keywords that get visitors to your site.

Finding the Best Keywords for Your Niche
Try not to select too many broad keywords. While broad keywords are useful to have as semantic keywords in your content, they are not ideal for targeting. Consider more long-tail specific keywords with a fair number of searches and relevancy.

It’s also helpful to use Google’s search engine to find these kinds of keywords. It’s free, and as you type in your main keyword, Google will automatically suggest targeted keywords relating to it.

Here are some additional methods for finding targeted keywords to help with search engine optimization.

What Questions Would Your Visitors Ask?
With keyword research, it’s great to put yourself in the shoes of your intended audience. What questions do they have about the topic of your content? What do they need to know? Try Google’s Rich Snippets that answer your user’s queries or try Answer the Public to find the right questions and more targeted keywords.

Target Long-Tail Keywords
Long-tail keywords are vital to getting quality targeted search engine traffic. They are composed of at least three words and can also be phrases. There are keyword tools available that can help you uncover laser targeted long-tail keywords.

Keywords with Low Search Volume
It’s best not to target a primary keyword on more than one page or post. As an SEO, you could risk confusing the search engines like Google, and your site could end up with a penalty.

If this happens, the high-quality content you took the time to write might not get ranked in search or read.

With high-quality targeted keywords, you can rank in Google because your content could get featured in Google’s snippets, or because it is suitable for voice search. It’s a winning strategy.

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