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In a world where you can run an online business from the comfort of your home, you still need the right ‘ingredients’ to succeed. When you have an online business you don’t expect any physical customers to travel to your place. If you are offering a service that is needed by the market or a product that is in demand then you’re halfway there. You now just need to use the below tips and suggestions to create or improve traffic to your site so that your in demand products or services can be seen by the appropriate market of consumers.

Use Available Platforms

Social media drives the internet and more people spend time on social media than they do on google search pages. Every social media platform is unique and you should be able to capitalize on the strengths of each platform. Create a presence on social media will also help you with your Google search rankings.

If you want to sell or advertise on a picture-sharing social media platform, you need to ensure that your visual game is on point. A platform like Instagram thrives first and foremost by showcasing visually attractive images. This requires top notch images that are eye catching and appealing to your clientele and that fit into the overall look and feel of your feed. And now on Instagram you have the option of having prices and links on the items you are showcasing when the viewer hovers their finger on that item.
A platform like Twitter will require to deliver a strong message in a limited amount of characters so using this platform to advertise sales, promotions, and exclusive discounts is the way to go!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Remember every time you search for something on the internet, and there is a site that appears on top? More often than not the top ranking sites in your search results have been search engine optimized so that they appear first on the consumer searches. Some of the ways that they do so is through using the most popular keywords that people use when searching for content and incorporating it in their website. Contracting a SEO specialist to improve your Google Search rankings is a wise use of working capital or a merchant cash advance if the funds are not availalble.

Email Newsletters

You can use the emails that you have collected to push more traffic of existing clients to your site. Ensure there is good content that can enable the reader to click on the links that lead to your site. Many emails end up in a person’s inbox so using good email practices to avoid a person’s spam folder is also very important.

Link Building

You can use link building to grow traffic to your site. Try to have as many people as possible link with your page. This requires you to have a wide network of people that you know in the content creating space such as influencers and bloggers. This might also require an investment of funds to contract or solicit the right people that will create content for your business.

Many of these options can be done without seeking outside help with proper research and time but if you want a serious professional such as a SEO specialist or a blogger consider seeking a business loan alternative from Everest Business Funding. We’ve helped many businesses improve their online retail with just a small infusion of cash. Learn more today about all of our funding services.

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