Design Your Workspace for Optimum Results!

Maintaining your office is not just about keeping things clean or organized. Creating the ideal work space is necessary to function at the highest levels of productivity and become the best worker that you can be. Here are several tips to optimize your work space for the best results.

Remove Clutter

The first step is to remove clutter from your workspace. It’s pretty standard to fill your monitor with post its of passwords, reminders and such but consider the visual interruption it causes on your main location of focus. A better option is to keep these necessary reminders and passwords either in a file on your computer or in a notebook. Even having a whiteboard or corkboard in a spot you can easily glance to see is also a great way to keep these important reminders visually accessible but not in the way of your computer screen. Make sure to also remove any papers or clutter from past projects or clients. Keep your focus on the present and future.

Personalized Space

Some people feel isolated while working in cubicles or office by themselves. Add a personalized touch to your office desk and walls. For most people, they prefer to look at pictures of family members, while others bring in their favorite accessories like lamps or posters.


At some point, everyone does multiple projects at the same time. Optimize your office for multitasking. Some people have workstations that accommodate multiple computer monitors, cabinets, a writing area, and in today’s day, a dock for your tablet. Tools such as headsets or transcribers allow you to answer phone calls while typing on the computer or writing notes.

Silence vs. Sound

Decide if silence helps you to work better or if sound does. Some office workers actually find that silence is too distracting and adds to a dull work environment. Most find that too many sounds are distracting, but a few sounds help. For instance, listening to music helps many people to remain alert or helps to drown out office water cooler chatter.

Work Rituals

There are rituals that most people go through before or after work. Many people get coffees in the morning on their way to work. Other people greet their coworkers or prepare certain paperwork after they leave their offices. Find one or two of the many rituals that people do to get through their workdays.

Make Sure That You’re Prepared

Make sure that your office is prepared for the highest levels of productivity. Once you’ve designed the most efficient space to work, rely on us to provide the most efficient and user-friendly portal to submit your deals. Working with Everest Business Funding will help grow your merchant cash advance business.

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