The Best Places to Promote Your Business That You Don’t Know About

By now, it’s well known that you need to showcase your company all over the internet from social media, video sites and everything in between. Some businesses have taken these necessary digital marketing steps, but they haven’t seen results like new customers, sales leads or a higher ROI. You not only want your sales team to be able to interact on these platforms, but you should also have content that can capture the attention of those looking for it.

Take Facebook for example. If you simply setup a profile there for your company it can get buried in the depth of other pages that turn up in the search results, and promotional content alone won’t get the job done. But if you know how to join certain business groups there and know how to provide meaningful content, then this really build your business’s profile in a real and engaging way. Often people are looking for business solutions because they have a specific problem that needs solving, and they don’t know how to do it without expert advice. That’s where your company can come in on Facebook’s group pages and provide that expertise with just a little promotion or call to action at the end.

Another great way to get your content out there is through the Twitter and Medium profiles. In fact, Medium has a very similar look to Twitter and can have all the tagging functions just like it, but instead of being limited to only a certain amount of characters, you can put out whole blog posts. This is a useful place to be if you want your website’s blogs to be reposted, back linked to and found in greater number on search engines and other pages. In other words, it is very SEO friendly. It really takes very little work to manage and you don’t have to worry about page design and optimization. You should still follow the same guideline as Facebook to keep the information posted here highly useful and less promotional.

The final places you should consider are video hosting places including YouTube and social media live videos/stories. More and more, live content is becoming integral on social media to keeping audiences engaged. Businesses can post customer reviews, home office tours, and even pre-recorded content like instructional videos. Videos are the best way to give customers visuals on what you do, and to give them a good feel for what your brand experience is like.

And of course, emails are still one of the best ways to reach your businesses’s prospective customers. Email may not be the primary communication medium it once was, but if you and your team are using it you have a chance to keep your customers and followers aware of what you have out there. Believe it or not, they will usually come to check out new updates.

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