How to Create a Holiday Content Strategy

Six Steps to Create a Holiday Content Strategy.

Tis’ the season for spending money and buying gifts- a perfect consumer equation for businesses. As one of the most competitive times of the year, companies need to prepare for the end-of-the-year celebrations with a robust holiday content strategy as part of their annual content planning. Revenue-based financing firm Everest Business Funding helps set businesses up for funding success and more with these steps to creating an effective content strategy plan:


Step #1: Understand the goals

Content is published to entertain viewers for fun, boost sales, connect with target consumers, and reach wider audiences. Before starting with piecing together a content strategy, figuring out and understanding primary goals is critical to determine the objectives behind each post and publication. 


Step #2: Determine and research the target audience

For holiday content to be the most effective, a business has to determine who they want to cater content to, which would be the types of consumers they believe would be the prime candidates to purchase an organization’s products or services. Not everyone celebrates predominate holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, so researching a target audience can help a marketing team figure out the best messaging for their target audience based on what holidays target consumers celebrate. 


Step #3: Collect valuable and informative topics 

As the holiday season is the most competitive time of the year, businesses want to ensure their messaging and content uniquely stands out from others, especially direct competitors. Collecting topics and information that would grab a target audience’s attention and provide value to the viewer is what type of content a company should aim to produce. 


Step #4: Start to piece in order content calendar 

Creating a calendar that schedules what campaigns will run at what time of the year is essential to stay ahead of the game when creating and posting content. Scheduling content ahead of time grants creators more time to strategically put together a stream of campaigns that aim to continuously keep a target audience engaged with a brand or business. Marketing teams should line up content publications based on holidays, too. 


Step #5: Pre-plan publications 

Building a content calendar continues beyond setting the date. Successful content strategies are pre-planned and written, with images laid out ahead of time so market teams aren’t scrambling to get a post out there at the last minute. Strategic thinking and layout involve preparation and timing to be ready when it is time to get ahead of the competition or reach an audience regarding what deals to look forward to before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other peaks during the shopping season.


Step #6: Review and Adjust 

Content preparation should be treated as a well-edited rough draft, ready for the final draft and any adjustments needed to flux with the present time before publication. A business’ marketing department should constantly revise marketing research based on current trends or changes in the industry. What was planned months in advance could need a little tweaking before publication if any new marketing research is revealed that could enhance content messaging to better cater to a target audience at that present time. 


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