Ways to Power Up Your Content Marketing

Everest Business Funding highlights six ways to power up your content marketing effectiveness.

As more businesses turn to social media and online platforms for their primary focus for marketing campaigns, the relevance of content marketing becomes more critical for attracting new consumers and boosting profits. With more competition utilizing content marketing, the stakes rise to produce attention-grabbing content. Everest Business Funding works with small businesses to deliver revenue-based funding to execute objectives such as launching content marketing campaigns and gives these helpful hints on how to make sure an organization reaches maximum effectiveness with content marketing performance:

  1. Research the Potential and Reoccurring Buyers
    According to Forbes, almost half of buyers check out three to five pieces of content before moving forward with a sale. That statistic shows how crucial marketing research is when pre-planning engaging content for potential and reoccurring customers. While performing analysis, marketing teams can also gather the most effective keywords to use in headlines and text to reach the right type of traffic and targeted audience.
  2. Supply Value
    When a consumer finds an organization’s content valuable, the return rate of that consumer seeking to view more produced content elevates. When a company provides valuable content, they build trust with the customer through the published information. A business should make sure the supply of value reaches the eyes of consumers by gauging interest through helpful and irresistible crafted headlines.
  3. Create Clarity in Message
    When developing context and headlines for content, clarity is essential. If a consumer is unsure of a message from the title throughout the content’s entirety, the quality of the content becomes lost. Marketing teams can work towards making the content’s message crystal clear by incorporating images that are both intriguing and relevant and continuously bettering the text’s writing flow and appeal to readers.
  4. Produce Quality Videos
    It is no surprise that video marketing is more accessible than ever, thanks to smartphones and editing applications in today’s modern society. Brands continue to increase their energy towards producing quality videos that deliver a clear message while gripping audiences’ attention through the brief production and filming style.
  5. Be Strategic on Post Timing
    Companies that might be checking all the right boxes with marketing research, keyword production, and quality and clarity with content and messaging that still are lacking results should consider post timing. Marketing teams can track when a target audience is most active on social media, a website, or a blog and can try and post all content during that most active segment of time. Depending on the type of platform, specific target audiences might be most active at different times.
  6. Stick to Content Calendar
    Content calendars should be created when pre-planning content posts to develop consistency from the start with produced content. A business post on social media might contain a lot of insight and value; however, long periods of time between posts or inconsistency in posting efforts could lead to missed marketing opportunities. A consumer might re-visit a company’s online platform looking for more valuable material after reading past content; if no new content is available, the consumer might not come back to interact with a business’s online presence again.

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