Use Twitter To Optimize Your Pipeline


Using Twitter to get the most of your business pipeline can be a no-frills way of optimizing your leads. But what does Twitter have to offer an ISO business? According to a 2016 research study of Twitter users, of the nearly 340 million active Twitter users, the majority hold the belief that an account that is promoted on this social media site not only help them to actively discover new business, but they trust what is being advertised and this is how you can do it in a more efficient, cost-effective, and results-driven manner: 

Follower Campaign 
Creating a follower campaign with a tag on your “promoter tag” on all your business posts will promote your ISO business across the entire Twitter platform as well as your targeted audience. You will show up on timelines, “who to follow” postings, and search results. 

Brand Awareness Campaign 
The more merchants and small business owners that see your tweets, the better off you are, so if you opt into a brand awareness promotion then you will pay for impressions rather than just clicks, retweets, and follows. This gives you optimal brand awareness where you need it. 

Tweet Engagement Campaign 

Take your branded content and find your specific audience, then ramp up your engagement with that targeted audience. You can design specific tweets geared toward special ad campaigns or promotions and your fee is based on when your audience actively engages with lies, retweets, and replies to your posts. 
Ask yourself: 

How do I start this process? Start ad Twitter Ads and select a campaign that will bring awareness to your ISO business. Then, you can set up your audience focus. 

Who is my audience? Using Twitter Audiences Manager, target existing customers or opt into either a geographical or demographic “trigger” option to find new leads and generate new business. 

How do I bid and can I afford it? A choice of manual bidding means you need to keep a keen eye on the performance of your ad if you have budgetary constraints to keep your cost down. If you are working with a healthy budget, you can consider automatic bidding which will set your cost based on your business advertising goals and the size of your targeted audience. 

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