Comprehensive List of Industries We Fund


Today, businesses, in general, need funding so that they can increase their profitability. Most companies fail to progress since they are unable to raise extra cash to cover up for additional expenses. 

Today, with the capping on interest rates, it is challenging to access financial aid from commercial/traditional banks. For instance, if the business owner seeking financing has a bad credit history, banks will abstain from offering them any financial lending. In other cases, they might have a positive credit history, but the application process is quite complicated and takes a lot of time.

This shouldn’t be a problem anymore since Everest business funding is offering business loan alternatives. They provide small business owners with financial assistance when they need to buy business inventory, hire staff, cover up last minute or emergency expenses, expand their business, purchase equipment or any other reasons they might need financial assistance for their business. 

The most ideal and unique thing with our services is that it is a convenient and fast way to receive financial assistance. Unlike commercial banks, we make the process fast and easy. Business owners only need to provide a few documents and wait about 24 hours for approval. The approval time is concise to allow businesses to run accordingly. Our primary objective and focus is to help business owners grow their business.

As an ISO you need to believe and be guided by the law relating to customer confidentiality. Everest strives to ensure that the relationship established is based on utmost respect and trust. Once you sell our funding services, as an ISO, you must focus on their business in all aspects and offer your clients advice on how to best implement their funds based on their needs and goals to help them achieve success - together.

Explaining a business loan alternative to your clients is crucial for them to understand the process and trust you on their financing journey. Remind them of our easy application, which enables them to receive funds within 24 hours.This has made our services stand out immensely because business owners are too busy running their business to have to wait long turn around times for business financing. 

Our process is fast and easy ensuring business owners only provide minimal paperwork to get the ball going with their merchant cash advance.The unique thing about merchant cash advances is they offer flexible funding methods and   business owners can obtain a merchant cash advance between $5,000 to $500,000. 

Industries Offered
At Everest business funding, we go a step ahead from the traditional method of financing like the commercial banks. For us, we work with specific industries and incorporate unique programs for every business. The following are some industries we service: 

Home Healthcare
MRI & Surgical Centers

Restaurant Franchisees
Quick Service Restaurant

Barber Shops
Beauty Salon
Dry Cleaning
Hair /Nail/ Skin Care
Health Spa

Electrical Contractor
HVAC Contractor
Green Energy Construction
Hardware Store
Automotive Repair

Tax Preparation
Bridal Wear
Floral Moving Companies
Jewelry Store
Transportation Business

Men & Women Clothing
Liquor Stores
Party Supplies
Grocery Store

As a financial agent, Everest business funding has come up with a way to ensure you get the most rewarding commissions for your hard work. Once you become a partner at Everest Business Funding, you can access high funding amounts on restricted industries as well as next day commission pay-outs.