Using LinkedIn to Target Clients for Your ISO Business


f you’re an ISO or ISO sales agent, LinkedIn provides a powerful marketing platform that allows you to generate leads for your merchant services business. The types of businesses and entrepreneurs you’ll find there range from startups and expanding businesses to multinational corporations. An excellent opportunity that exists on LinkedIn right now is the merchant cash advance market. 

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn advertising to boost your merchant sales. 

Text Ads 

Text ads show up on both the desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn. They appear in the right panel or top banner of the page. You can include your ISO company’s logo or a product image in addition to the ad copy. When the reader clicks the ad, they’ll be directed to your website, a landing page, or to any published content you choose to promote. 

Creating a Sponsored Text Ad 

Include images because ads containing images get nearly 20% more clicks than those without. Be brief and highly targeted with your message. The headline can contain 25 characters and up to 75 characters in the ad description. 

Sponsored Content Ads 

These ads show up in the newsfeeds of the target market you define. They can include images, video, text, and links. You can attract prospects that are interested in a business loan alternative by including a link to an article about the benefit of cash advances to fund business growth. 

Creating a Sponsored Content Ad 

You can choose to sponsor an update from your company page or company showcase page. Alternatively, you can sponsor an entirely new piece of content. Create different versions of your ad and incorporate varying messages and images. You’ll reach a wider audience and discover what works best for the prospects you most want to target. 

Sponsored InMail 

Do you want to deliver targeted and personalized messages to prospects? LinkedIn Sponsored InMail messages are sent directly to your prospect’s mailbox. You should include a greeting and the personalized marketing message. Sponsored InMail is effective because it includes a call to action, CTA button prompting the reader to respond to your message. This is an excellent option for retargeting prospects that are further along in your marketing funnel because these InMails include a customizable footer that allows you to include disclosures, contact information, or other details that will move the reader to contact you. 

Creating Sponsored InMail 

Because you’re sending a message to an individual, personalization is key. Make sure that your subject line is both purposeful and actionable. The body should clearly communicate how a merchant cash advance will solve the prospect’s cashflow problems. Be sure to include LinkedIn recommended keywords along with your targeted keywords. 

Putting It All Together 

1. Target your ads using LinkedIn’s extensive targeting options or build custom lists. 
2. Set your budget. Keep in mind that InMail ads use a cost-per-send model. For others, choose between cost-per-impression for building brand awareness or cost-per-click for lead generation campaigns. 
3. Use LinkedIn analytics to measure your campaign success and find opportunities for additional targeting. 

Everest Helps Your Provide Value to Clients 

As an ISO, you already provide solutions to your clients daily cashflow needs. We offer you the ability to offer your clients a business loan alternative when they need working capital for expansion and growth. Contact us to find out how a partnership with Everest Business Funding can increase your boost your sales and increase your bottom line.