Pre-Qualify Your Clients Before Wasting Your Time - and Theirs! 


Pre-Qualify Your Clients Before Wasting Your Time - and Theirs! 

Profitable ISOs offer their clients a wide range of merchant services. In addition to identifying opportunities to upsell payment processing services and equipment, successful ISO sales involves providing services that help merchants to grow. An excellent opportunity exists for selling merchant cash advance services to high volume merchants. Selling cash advances requires a streamlined and efficient process to ensure that you make to most of your client’s time as well as yours. 

What is the first step in building a successful ISO business? 

The ability to generate and qualify leads and close deals quickly are the keys to maintaining a profitable ISO firm. Having an effective sales funnel is also a key ingredient in attracting and retaining top producers in your sales force. It’s difficult to admit, but the process of qualifying leads wastes a lot of valuable time. 

Why Traditional Sales Funnels Don’t Work 

In traditional ISO marketing models, merchant services salespersons are handed a list of merchant prospects, makes colds calls either by phone or in person and determines which ones are worthy of follow up. A lot of work goes into prospecting before any selling takes place. Once a list of qualified leads is funneled out, the salesperson can the process of needs analysis, structuring and shopping a business loan alternative with a funding source, presenting solutions to business owners, and then waiting for the merchant to decide. 

By switching from a traditional prospecting and sales strategy, ISOs can expand their business loan alternative offerings, help sales staff be more productive, and improve the company’s bottom line. 

Use the BANT Method to Improve Lead Qualification 

An acronym for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe, the BANT sales method focuses on pre-qualifying leads before the sales process starts. Here’s a look at how each phase works. 


Start by determining how much cash advance financing a lead will qualify for now or at some point in the future. What’s most important here is to decide if this lead requires immediate attention, and how much time does your salesperson need to commit. 


Make sure that your contact has the authority to pursue financing on behalf of the business. Also, identify if the person has the power to influence the decision to move forward with a merchant cash advance. Ultimately, you’ll need to address all the decision makers to close the deal. 


Determine if the merchant is a good fit for the merchant cash advance services you offer. You want to help clients to grow and meet the challenges of doing business. 


Pinpoint exactly when your merchant will need financing and determine the timeframe they will use to complete the process. This helps determine how much time you’ll spend selling to them. Some leads will have an immediate need and want a very short process. Others may be planning to obtain financing over a longer period and prefer a slower process. 

The Right Funding Partner Helps You Close More Deals 

In addition to creating a better lead qualification strategy, you need to align with the right partners to create an effective sales funnel. Choose Everest Business Funding as your ISO partner for business loan alternative services. A direct funder, we offer next-day payouts and full commission on renewals. Contact us for more details on our partner program and start closing more deals today.