Empathy & Professionalism in the Sales Industry


In a buyer-seller relationship there’s an approach and reception and then a series of cause and effect interplay that will ultimately define the relationship’s health and longevity. Most importantly, it’s the seller’s responsibility to shape the course of the relationship with their prospects.

Everest Business Funding is an alternative financing company offering business loan alternative options to small business owners via merchant cash advance. While we are always looking for ISOs, or independent sales organizations, to join our team as partners and sales agents, not everyone in the sales industry has what it takes to represent our name. Do you? 


Human Relations VS Human Nature 


What’s the difference between human relations and human nature? 

-Human nature derives from instinct. It’s an automatic self-preservation mechanism spurring you toward actions of self-interest, making self first and foremost in priority. 

-Human relations is the conscious effort to shape and direct our actions and thoughts toward the best interest of others, making them the priority. 


You can see the conflict of interest between the buyer-seller relationship from the very first interaction in, “hello.” To be successful at selling anything, whether that be a business loan alternative or merchant cash advance, the seller must make human relations their priority and mute their self-interest at all times.




When you have an egocentric tactic and it gets in the way, you lose the ability to be perceptive and concerned with the potential buyer’s needs. No one is going to want to buy anything from you if they sense that you are not prioritizing their needs. It makes you looks egotistic, selfish, and a terrible salesperson. 


So, you must realize that being a salesperson isn’t something YOU do to a potential buyer. Being a salesperson is being a facilitator; accomplished beside the buyer, not behind or in front; and a process of interaction for discovery of information that will assist you in guiding your customer in the correct path based on their needs and goals.  Here’s the thing about interacting with the public... people are astute. If they sense you being disingenuous, then all transfer of meaningful information vanishes. 





Behaviors are reflected by our attitudes. Attitudes take root from within our values. Values determine our integrity. Integrity defines our ethics. Each integral part of your character is counterbalanced by the others, defining who you are to the outside world, including your clients.


Do values, like sincerity, make it easier for you to place a buyer’s interest first? Yes. Integrity is a constant application of sincerity, honesty in deeds and words. It’s essential to be successful as a sales person. Why? People seldom buy a product because they understand it. Instead, they buy because they feel the person selling it understands and respects their needs. Sincerity. Honesty. Integrity. 


There are a lot of ways to show your character, but the quintessential element of selling is to transmit your words on the listener’s frequency. This encourages a buyer to be both willing and able to listen for your sincere value. 




Human relations pivots around the ability to empathize, to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and see subjects from their perspective, not your own, so that you have the ability to adjust your attitude in a meaningful and sincere way. 



In closing, anyone can occasionally sell something to someone. But, if you’re open, honest, sincere, and look at customers as someone you’re helping to buy verses selling to, then you can have a thriving and rewarding career in sales.