Call Coach Your Reps for Better Results


Everyone knows about telemarketing and how some calling techniques work, while others do not. Call coach your sales representatives on how to find potential clients and keep in touch with old ones. As a result, build better sales teams that benefit the entire company. 

Handle Rejection Well

Rejection is a normal part of life for most people. The only difference is that sales agents receive many more rejections during their careers. Teach your sales team to respond positively to rejections. Teach them that they're professionals first and should remain that way, which means not taking the worst comments too personally. Also, teach them to prevent rejections altogether and increase the number of people who respond favorably. 

Think From Another Perspective

Before you make the call, imagine how you would feel if you were the person receiving the call. Write a list of questions or comments that you would want to hear from a phone salesperson. As you conduct the call, try practicing active listening and proactive questioning. This helps you to understand your clients better and their personal needs as well as the needs of their business.

Speak Naturally

Salespeople fail whenever they speak from prewritten scripts. Address your customer by name first and speak casually to sound friendly. If you use generic questions or statements, adapt each one to the individual's unique situation. The point is to try and personalize the customer's experience as much as possible. 

Target the Audience

Cold calling is expensive if you receive more negative than positive responses. It's wasteful to improve your salespeople if they don't make the right contacts. Start by learning more about who your audience is and then make a list of targeted contacts who would benefit from your product or services.

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