Work Space vs Productivity


Two things that influence subconscious thought, and therefore can improve energy levels and productivity are wardrobe and environment. Wardrobe is easy. If people look like successful salespersons they will act like them. Environment is a little tougher, but it can be improved in a number of powerful ways. One of the best ways to improve productivity is to change the work space.

Sales is expressive. It might sound a little strange to explain a powerful personality in those terms but the truth is sales can't produce the kind of results necessary for a growing business without expression. A more expressive salesperson will make emotional connections with the product, the brand and the customer. So it stands to reason finding ways to maximize this skill should be a priority. 


The fastest way to get into a groove is to be good at selling. The fastest way to get out of that groove is to be distracted by a pile of papers, a broken door handle, a tangle of wires or a poorly placed decoration of some kind. Clutter, dirt, mess and disrepair are all distractions, and they are the kind of thing that derails trains of thought that are about to lead somewhere profitable, like a business loan alternative

If you want to get good at selling and more importantly closing, get rid of the distractions. 

Use Color Theory

Ever wonder why nearly every fast food logo is red and yellow? It's not a coincidence. Colors have primal meanings to the subconscious mind. When the colors are right, prosperous and confident thinking almost always follows. Ever wonder why people gravitate to parks and places with a lot of green plants? It's because green signals our minds to produce images of prosperity and peace, and to consider projects like a merchant cash advance or a new business plan. Green also inspires confidence. 

Red is the color of hunger and conquest, while yellow is an anxious color. If you're anxious and hungry, you're probably headed for a fast food place. If you're trying to close an important deal on a business loan alternative, hunger and nervousness aren't likely to help. 

Get Out of Your Own Way

Crowding yourself has the same effect as clutter and distractions. You need wide open spaces to do your best work, otherwise you'll find yourself limited by the mood a cramped, too-small space will inspire. Give yourself a big space if you can. Arrange your furniture so there are places in your office you can walk in a circle and not get too close to anything. Spread your arms wide. These are the kinds of things that will start making you think about progress and growth and ideas.

Arranging your workspace for maximum productivity isn't complicated, but it is one of those things that requires planning and effort. Don't sell yourself short. Give yourself the best chance of success with the best possible workspace.