Guiding Your Customer Through Their Buying Journey


Nothing is more important than walking with your prospects through the buyer's journey. This is a customer facing landscape with many choices to pick from, including your competition! The journey that you will go through with your customer defines how your relationship will expand in the future.


In today's world, you cannot expect to throw out an ad at the beginning of the journey and show up at the end to collect the money. The journey of a buyer is a full-scale operation. Because they have so many choices, they can leave you at any step of the process. Because of this, you must take special pains to ensure that you stay with at all times.


How do you do this? The first step is to understand how your buyer wants to move in the first place.


You may think that as a producer of products and services, you have the ability to lead the buyer in the journey. This is not necessarily the, especially if you are dealing with savvy buyers. These people often have a great deal of knowledge about the industry. They are looking to you to guide them with the correct advice on the steps they should take according to their business goals.


You have to treat your prospects with respect through the entire process. They may have already formed message boards and other communities that are talking about your industry. It is your job to understand where they are going and how to meet them where they are.


Secondly, you must be sure that none of your competitors are doing a better job at any stage of the journey.


You will face a great deal of competition at every point of your journey with your buyer. You need to keep the pressure on by maintaining a relationship with them. You will be competing at every step. Other competitors will try to steal your customers away by offering something better after they have found out what your customers enjoy. You must not let them do this. You can offer certain incentives later on down the process. Do not spend all of your incentives at the beginning – realize that you have an entire journey left ahead of you.


Third, Tie it back in and close the deal on the MCA.


Explain to your prospects and create demonstrations of examples of previous (anonymous) buyers who have had success with their buying journey. A good example can be to show your prospect how last month you closed a deal on a $45,000 merchant cash advance and the buyer used the funds to grow their business exponentially by expanding their shipping locations. 


Explain to them how a great business loan alternative is a merchant cash advance because traditional banks are not willing to put money on the line for individual customers or small niche groups. You need to deal with the people who understand where you are in your industry and what you need to do to keep up with your customers.