How to Drive Your Company's Sales With Google Alerts

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Are you using Google Alerts in your company's sales strategy? If not, you should. Originally launched 2003, this free-to-use tool allows business owners and sales reps to track new online mentions of key events and other companies, which they can use to target the right prospects with their offers.


The Basics of Google Alerts


Using Google Alerts, you can elect to receive notifications via email when a website, blog, social media network or any other online publication publishes a specified word or phrase. You tell Google which word or phrase you want to track, and it will send you an email if a new page has published it.


To use Google Alerts, simply enter the word or phrase for which you want to receive notifications. If you want to track new mentions of a prospect company, for instance, enter the company's name into Google Alerts. If it's two or more words, include the name in quotes to improve relevancy and accuracy. Under settings, you can also specify the frequency and quantity of the results.


Choosing Alerts


Of course, the secret to using Google Alerts to drive sales is choosing the right keywords. As most seasoned sales reps know, you must target the right prospects with the right offer at the right time. Google Alerts can help you achieve this goal by notifying you of key events. If you want to receive notifications when a company releases quarterly financial statements, for example, you can track "[company name] earnings" in Google Alerts. If the company had a strong quarter with better-than-expected earnings, perhaps your sales team should contact them.


Mergers and acquisitions are another key sales event that you can track using Google Alerts. When a prospect company experience a merger or acquisition, it usually indicates new sales opportunities as the company seeks to grow. To track this event in Google Alerts, add the keywords "[company name] merger" and "[company name] acquisition."


These are just a few ways to increase sales with Google Alerts. You can use this tool to track any important event that could present a sales opportunity for your team. Just remember to limit the amount of keywords you track. Otherwise, Google Alerts will flood your inbox with countless notifications.


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