Hacks for Sales Productivity

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Tips for Productivity

Remaining productive while being a sales agent requires patience, persistence and a dedication to remaining committed to your work and craft at all times. At times, remaining productive and focused is extremely challenging, causing distractions and leading to unfinished projects. Implementing a few tips for sales productivity into your work schedule is a way to ensure you are always making and exceeding your sales quota for the month.

Get Enough Sleep 

Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night is essential regardless of the line of work or industry you are in. Ensuring your body is getting enough rest allows you to remain focused, concentrated, and motivated throughout the rest of your day.  When you are a sales agent, you have to talk to customers on the phone, and often they can tell if you are groggy or aggravated. Getting enough rest ensures your body and mind are getting enough sleep and relaxation after a long day of work. Remaining refreshed avoids brain fog, memory loss, or the inability to remained focus when you need to work your hardest.

Complete Tedious Tasks First

Complete difficult or challenging tasks for your day when you first get into work because it is when you are at your prime production level and fresh minded in the morning. Tackling the tasks and projects that are the least desirable early in your morning is a way to get your day off to a better start while allowing you to maximize productivity. Once you have completed the work you do not enjoy doing, all other tasks, chores, and work come much easier and allow you to feel more satisfied completing them. 

Use Timers and Applications

Use productivity timers and applications within your browser or on your smartphone to keep track of your work and progress you make each day. Certain apps can remind you of meetings, follow up calls, product/service demonstrations and more. It can be difficult at times to remember everyone you spoke with si it is convenient to use apps to keep tract of calls and add notes regarding the merchant. 

Become a Partner 

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Dont Forget!

Avoid wasting time and drastically improve your overall productivity when it comes to managing the day-to-day tasks. Reward yourself with breaks, snacks, and even activities or outings when reaching certain milestones you have set for yourself each day to maintain your motivation at all times. Knowing how to maximize your productivity is imperative to make the most out of your work days while putting the most effort into your sales pipeline. Utilizing these productivity tips regularly will allow you more control over the direction of each of your days with fewer interruptions and distractions.