Research Your Prospect Clients

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If you're a sales agent in the financial-services sector, you know choosing the right prospects makes the difference between a record-setting month with big commissions and bonuses and a long trudge to disappointing results. All the sales technique expertise, product knowledge, and work ethic in the world mean nothing if you're pitching the wrong prospects. When you pitch the right prospects, a little lapse in your presentation or an occasional day off aren't going to hold you back from making those big numbers. The prospects need what your are selling.


Research, Research, Research


To make the best use of your time, research prospects before calling on them. You want to know everything you can about their business. When selling a business loan alternative, invaluable prospect-research points include what they sell, where they are located, how long they have they been in business, and who are the likely decision makers? 


Do they have credit and debt card transactions? If so, they are a prospect for merchant cash advance. If not, how do they receive payment? What products suit them? 


Research tools help with cold-call prospects. It's simply shocking how much information can be found on social media. What you can't find out online, don't be afraid to ask. When you call on the business, the call can be useful even if you cannot reach the decision maker. Use the opportunity to ask the person you do reach what you need to know. People love to talk. Ask some friendly questions and listen.


Not every prospect is a cold call. Referrals are some of the best leads. Be sure to ask the person giving the referral a few questions about the company. Open-ended questions like, "Why would they be a good prospect?" give you valuable information that helps you close the sale.


Qualifying sales leads is always crucial. While you are qualifying, do some research as well. Qualifying is about more than just testing the lead for viability. It is an opportunity to research the prospect for information that helps you craft the winning proposal that gets the business.


Knowledge matters


Before researching a prospect, it helps to have a solid foundation of product knowledge. This knowledge allows you to know exactly what you need to research about the prospect. For example, if you know your product has a minimum order size, then you know to find out about the size of the prospect businesses and spend time on the ones that are big enough to meet the requirements.


If you are a financial sales professional looking to expand your product offering, try Everest Business Funding. We provide business owners with the innovative business loan alternative they need, such as a merchant cash advance. These alternatives provide small business owners with cash for emergencies, capital investments, and cash flow enhancement. Because Everest Business Funding provides so many helpful products, sales are a snap. 


Financial sales professionals know they need to partner with funding providers that offer their customers an array of products that get them cash fast. With the right products on hand, it is easy to research prospects and convert them to clients.