Lead Generation Ideas for Your Sales Pipeline


Your sales pipeline MUST have constant new leads. Lead generation strategies must become more creative over time as competition enters the industry and customers become more savvy. However, there are many things that you can do to increase your opportunities for conversions. Here are some of the best lead generation ideas for your sales pipeline.


Email Marketing


You may want to launch an email marketing campaign. Traditionally this has been one of the most stable lead generation strategies for companies in all industries. Email offers the ability to automate certain aspects of itself, so you do not even have to increase your manpower in order to scale a campaign.


As a matter of fact, one of the best investments today is in email automation. Automation does not mean that your campaign will become robotic. Actually, the truth is quite to the contrary. There are plenty of ways to personalize each individual email without a need for an individual to send each one. The result is a much bigger campaign than you would normally be able to get while improving your company's marketing ROI.


Content Marketing


Another good idea is content marketing. The one and only thing that separates the winning companies from everybody else in a industry is the ability to put out more and better content than the competition. This is the only way that a company raises its status in the eyes of the general public.


Good content marketing also gives a company a chance to create a growing link profile. A link profile stays around long after an initial campaign, building trust within the major search engines. When it comes to lead generation, there is no better outlet than Google, Yahoo and Bing, so any strategy that involves them is usually worth sticking to.


Search Marketing


The last great investment that you should undertake for sales leads is search marketing. SEO has to do with the major search engines directly. You need to have a relationship with each of the three majors, and if there are any niche engines that serve your industry specifically, then your company should have a relationship with those sites as well.


Getting to the number one spot in Google is harder than it was even one year ago. The time to move on this strategy is now, because it only becomes harder as time goes on. More companies find their way online, and the criteria to do well gets harder as well.