Networking Is A Must In The Sales Industry


Salespeople in today's environment succeed by networking. When people know you, they give you business. When they don't, they give their business to a competitor. Then, when they finally meet you, they say things like, "Oh, I wish I knew you were in the merchant cash advance business last month!"

Networking must be on every salesperson's to do list. If it's not, missed opportunities will add up over time. One of the biggest differentials between sales career success and struggling to meet minimum performance is the size of your network.

When you have no network, sales can be a struggle. Every lead feels like it's do or die. No one calls you because no one knows you, so you may spend the whole day just trying to find someone to pitch. You'll eventually get sales, but they will take a long time, and then you have to go right back to the grind.

When you have a network, you always have people to talk to. If they are not ready to buy from you at the moment, that's okay. They know you're in the business. They know what you offer. They trust you and they like you. They know you are their guy or gal when they need a business loan alternative. You keep in touch with them periodically, so they never forget you. Then, one day, you call and they say something like, "I'm glad you called. I was thinking about a business loan alternative." Even better, sometimes they call you and say something like, "Hey, you know that cash advance option you were telling me about, I think I might want to try it."

Of course, building a network takes time. In order to be successful, you have to network every day in a disciplined fashion. It's sort of like starting an exercise routine. The results aren't immediate, but, over time, as you develop the discipline to work out every day, you start to see the difference. Pretty soon, you are one of the fittest people around. Networking takes the same kind of perseverance. If you hit your networking goals each day, the sales will follow.

There are many methods of networking. In today's day and age, networking online through social media is a given. There are also your friends and family. Many of them own businesses or know people who do. Get the word out about what you do. Networking events also provide a fantastic opportunity.

Sales guru Jeffery Gitomer recommends networking events because they are inexpensive and efficient. An event that lets you meet dozens of business owners in just an hour or two can bring great results. 

In today's business climate, many business owners need a business loan alternative. Business loans carry many disadvantages, such as slow approval processes and collateralization of necessary assets. A merchant cash advance carries no risk of losing valuable assets, and approvals are almost immediate. With those benefits, business owners love it. If you would like to learn more about becoming a sales representative for business loan alternatives, then consider becoming an ISO partner with Everest.