The MCA Pitch


The merchant cash advance and alternative funding industries are growing every year. As the number of small businesses in the United States continues to grow, the need for rapid funding is on the rise for many entrepreneurs. Since business owners have many options available to them in today's market, it's important to make sure your company leaves a good impression when marketing to consumers. You should have a pitch for your services that encompasses all you have to offer. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to ensure you have a great first impression.




It's important to remember that a short term business loan alternative or merchant cash advance isn't the same as a traditional bank loan. Consumers looking for these financial products aren't necessarily required to have perfect credit rating. They also do not have to go through the colossal paperwork banks require you to submit. We have a very simple, fast, and easy process to get you the working capital you need in as little as 24 hours. Since these business loan alternatives may only be for a few months at a time, consumers are aware that they will have to repay the funds with daily or weekly payments.




It's important to focus on speed and ease of application during the sign-up process because that is one of the main reasons small business owners seek alternative financing. For example, if you are offering merchant cash advances based on a company's existing financials, it's important to make sure that the business has an easy way to share its current financial status with you. This may include a rapid application process or limited access to a business checking account for verification. If your company provides funds within a short period (such as one to three business days), it's a good idea to advertise this point clearly to consumers. This will help ensure that consumers understand that there won't be a long, drawn-out process.




In addition to an easy application process, it's a good idea to make sure that consumers understand that it will be easy to make payments too. If you offer an alternative payment program, such as one tied a company's incoming cash, then it's a good idea to advertise that too.




Most important of all, it's important to make sure that your company does not appear shady or underhanded in any way. Some companies that provide merchant cash advances operate in a way that can undermine consumer confidence. If you can avoid this type of marketing material, you'll have better luck advertising your financial products. If you are ready to join an amazing team then consider a partnership with Everest Business Funding to sell business loan alternatives such as merchant cash advances. We offer funding in 24 hours for your clients, syndication opportunities, generous monthly volume bonuses, next day commission payouts, and white label opportunities.