ISO Guide to Selling Financial Solutions


Business owners are a busy group. They run a million miles an hour and rarely take a breather. When it comes to financial solutions, they need to deal with a professional who provides a quick response, listens to what they need, provides on-target solutions, and makes the process easy. 


Quick response


Speed reigns in customer service, especially when it comes to the business loan alternative business. When your customers are small-business owners who are in multitasking mode, they have precious little time. They have to keep their operations flowing, so they can't afford to wait for funding. Most are also savvy business people, which means they are going to contact multiple funding sources to compare.


Small business owners consider responsiveness when they decide who to partner with. They want to know you'll be there when they need you. When it comes to winning funding business because of excellence in customer service, the early bird always gets the worm. By being the first to responds to customer inquiries and always providing prompt service, you build loyalty, and that means repeat business.


Listen to the customer


People love it when someone listens, and small-business owners are no different. Since they are usually pressed for time, they want customer-service and sales people to understand what they need and provide it fast. By listening to your customer, you gain all the knowledge you need to make the sale.


Often, they volunteer the information. Frequently, this comes as an explanation of a problem they are having, a problem they are looking at you to solve. For example, they may complain about their current lender's application process taking too long. By assuring them that you provide your customers with a quick application process, you can convert them to a sale.


Other times, they dance around the real issue. Maybe they are frustrated about making monthly payments when their retail sales numbers vary greatly by the season. Find this out, and you learn that a merchant cash advance is the perfect solution! 


To prepare for these customers, have a few reflective questions in mind for your sales calls. Open-ended questions like, "What goals or objectives are you hoping to achieve with this loan?" bring about answers that tell you what the customer really needs. Let them talk and listen. They'll tell you if they need more cash flow, want to invest in new equipment, or need to purchase new inventory. 


Provide solutions


Once the customer indicated their buying motives, it becomes easy to craft the solution that solves his or her dilemma. When you provide this, the customer looks at you as a problem solver. Next time they need funding, they'll call you first. They'll know you'll put together the solution they need, so they'll waste no time and get right down to telling you what they need.


With their needs in mind, it becomes simple to choose between the business loan alternative options from your funding source. Companies like Everest Business Funding provide the funding solutions you need to craft the perfect proposal, 


Make it simple


Business owners want simplicity and transparency. They want you to provide a clear explanation of your product, clear answers to their questions, and a quick paperwork and funding process. Many sales managers have said, "Time kills deals." To keep time on your side, keep it simple. Avoid convoluted answers and explanations and make applications and funding a snap. Your customers will thank you.


As an ISO, you provide vital liquidity to small businesses with great options like a merchant cash advance. Customers need you, but you are not the only game in town. By providing superior customer service, you stand above the competition.