Really Get To Know Your Clients


As a sales agent representing a company, your job doesn't stop when you close a deal. You now want to make sure you are able to keep the client coming back for more business to a point where they can say, "I have been doing business with this company for this length of time and never plan on going to anyone else." But to get to that point, you're going to have to go beyond the mundane aspects of sales business and dig deeper to the point of knowing your clients very well. There are several approaches that can help you do this.


1. Build A Relationship With Your Merchant Clients


The number one step to retaining clients is to have a relationship built with them. You might think of it a little like the relationship of a family physician to their patients. The patients usually keep coming back to the same physician because they've gotten to know them well and they have a comfort and trust layer with them. It's the same thing when you form a relationship with customers because you want them to feel like they're talking to someone who they know, and someone who will be reliable when they need to call to address any product or service issues.


2. Make A Note To Remember Certain Things About Your Clients


Remembering little things such as birthdays, who their pets' names, or various hobbies they like to do can really help strengthen relationships with your clients. Your clients will often rate your service based on friendliness and when you go the extra mile to send them reminders or to wish them happy birthday, they're bound to be happy that you remembered and it's something they'll tell their friends when recommending your service. This in turn will help grow your business because word-of-mouth is always the best marketing.


3. Never Fix What Isn't Broken


It is true that change is almost inevitable no matter what your business is with your client because of the changes in technology as well as security measures. But when change is made, it should be change that benefits both you and your client instead of being change that's made only to make things more profitable for your company, or just to make change for the sake of following the latest trends. You want to know that your client is happy with what they have, and if they are looking for added benefits, you might consider asking them if they'd like to switch their service plan. But otherwise change should not be made unless it's in their best interest.


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