5 Ways To Build & Maintain Credibility


5 Ways To Build & Maintain Credibility

Establishing credibility is important for any profession, but even more so for sales agents. For a professional who most likely earns part of their salary on commissions, credibility is your bread and butter. It's what draws in new clients, what makes existing clients stay with you, and what makes the job much easier overall. But how does one build and maintain credibility? Here's five simple but powerful ways to achieve it.

Secure Referrals

Referrals are simply the best means to build trust and rapport with potential clients. Getting a recommendation from someone who trusts you serves as proof of your credibility to new people you meet with. They can judge your character, mainly if you're trustworthy or not, based on the recommendations you get. Of course, a recommendation is only as good as the person giving it. Make sure to acquire recommendations from clients who are also active on social media and have positive relations with the people they meet. 

Back Yourself with Testimonials

Having relevant testimonials or case studies can be your impetus to closing a business loan alternative sale. While referrals and stories of how you helped a client in the past are great sales tools to market your ability to prospects, having tangible proof is even more powerful. Consider providing your clients with a discounted rate or some nifty freebies in exchange for filling out survey forms and participating in a case study. 

Work on Your Social Media Presence

Everyone's on social media nowadays. While it's not really necessary to have and maintain a social media account, it's almost a requirement for sales clients to have some degree of presence within these platforms. Having a huge follower base on Instagram or Twitter or having thousands of friends on Facebook makes it easier for you to establish yourself as a trustworthy professional. After all, if you were a hated and untrustworthy person, you wouldn't have a lot of friends or connections on social media to begin with. 

Treat Them as Humans

Clients shouldn't be treated as mere numbers on your contact list or obligations in your day-to-day work routine. You should treat them as how you'd treat a family member or friend. Listen to their concerns, remember key details about them, and be honest. Keep a "no BS" policy when talking with clients. Be professional and arrive on time when meeting them for lunch outside. If you tell them you'll call at a specific hour of the day, commit to it. Clients build rapport with sales agents who treat them right and have basic human values. 

Final Thoughts

Use the aforementioned tips to build and maintain your credibility as a sales agent of merchant cash advance and loan products. If you think you are ready to step up in your chosen profession and industry, apply for partnerships with prominent and trusted service providers, like Everest Business Funding. With the rapport you build with your clients, it will be easier to climb the corporate ladder and advance your career.