How to Stay in Touch With Clients 


How to Stay in Touch With Clients 

As sales agents, it's important to stay in touch with clients. Reaching out to them beyond the initial sales call can prolong the client's relationship with your company. But because of the dozens of sales leads you need to contact on a daily basis, it can be difficult to squeeze in a few follow-up calls and email messages to your existing client base. Here's five tips on how to stay in touch with your clients without taking up too much of your time. 

Why is it Important? 

Before discussing tips on how to stay in touch with clients, let's briefly discuss why it's important. While closing new contracts is important, keeping your existing client base should be given priority. Checking up on them from time to time gives your customers a sense of importance and makes them feel valued. They are more likely to come back to you and help you grow your business through word of mouth referrals. 

Set Up Notifications for Each Client

There's a cache of tools available today that can help you track customers and even competitors, such as Google Alerts and Mention. Choose one and set up notifications and data fields, like the person's name, company information, and common topics of interest like sports or politics. You can use this data to make follow-up calls more meaningful rather than generic and overused lines. 

Recommend Them Online

Just as you want your clients to recommend you for exceptional customer service and unparalleled products, they may also want a recommendation on their LinkedIn or Facebook page. Rather than wait for a client to ask for a recommendation, stepping up and taking initiative can impress your clients. 

Ask For Meaningful Insight

Common sales spiels like "How can we improve our services?" or "How may I better assist you?" are fine and have worked for decades, but they tend to be overused and outmoded. Think outside the box and go a step further by asking them to share any related knowledge and experience. See if they'd like to be beta testers for your brand. Ask if they'd be interested in testing a complimentary product sample or limited free trial in exchange for valuable input or recommendations. 

Take Them Out

While a phone call or email is a good way to stay in touch with clients, meeting with them in person for lunch can solidify the client's relation with your company even further, especially if it's for your big clients. This also gives you a chance to review your contract with them and talk about business. 

Despite all the customer relation management tools that exist today, which in their own rights are also efficient and convenient for sales agents, take the time and effort to listen to your clients on a more personal level as this can go a long way with them.


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