Coffee Shops, Beat The Heat This Summer


Coffee shops can be some of the best places for customers to stop when they need their coffee fix in the morning or have a day off to enjoy themselves. Summertime can see coffee shops full of customers both young and old enjoying certain drinks, some of which can keep them cool on those hot days outside. If you're a coffee shop owner and notice certain regular customers, you might want to reward them for their visits by offering promotions or discounts. 

Types Of Promotions To Offer

If you have a new drink or an old classic that you want to promote to your customers, you might consider having a special such as half off or buying a few to get one free in order to encourage your customers to try it. You might even include a charity event such as supporting your local children's hospital or food bank and provide incentives to customers that donate. Customers love discounts and offering them sweepstakes or rewards such as gift cards and coupons are one way you can retain their loyalty. 

Ways To Promote Discounts

There are many ways you can market your discounts and special offers such as posting signs outside your shop or in various locations that allow for it. You could also reach a lot of customers through Facebook or Twitter by encouraging to try the discounted item, and they in turn might tell their friends if they love it. You might even have flyers or brochures passed out either passersby or placed on vehicles. There are all kinds of ways to make your promotions happen, but if you need a little extra funding to do so you should consider taking out a merchant cash advance with us.

Mixing Things Up

During the summer time, coffee shops have to get creative with sales and promotions. Coffee is enjoyed at any time of the day and on hot summer days, the last things customers might want to think of is hot coffee. This is when the focus of sales can divert to advertising and selling more cool drinks. Some different drinks they can offer can be beverages such as cold brew coffee, iced coffee, frappe coffee, tea, or even lemonades. 

Cash Flow Solution

You may know about business loans for obtaining capital, but did you know that there's a better way? A merchant cash advance is a business loan alternative that doesn't come with the heavy paperwork and scrutiny that a regular bank loan comes with. Taking out a merchant cash with us is not difficult. You simply have to show how much income you generate through monthly sales and your funding amount will be based on that. You can use the funds for whatever you need. Including your coffee shop promotions as well as other additions to your business facility or marketing media.