Top Habits Of Successful Salespeople


Good salespeople have formed habits that help win customers and can take a company to the next level by exceeding expectations. Here are a few habits that you and your employees should develop to generate good sales volumes.


Be Enthusiastic About What You're Selling


You cannot sell a product without showing enthusiasm about it. You want the customer to know just how confident you are in what you're selling, and that goes for everything from coffee drinks in a coffee shop to high-end appliances in a heavy equipment store. Smiling while talking about the product you're selling and showing just how much you love its features can also get the customer excited and eager to buy it, especially if you know it will meet their needs.


Be Friendly And Listen To The Customer


While it's good to point customers to the best products they can buy, sometimes you have to be careful not to be too pushy about it. Pushy salespeople who are negative towards a cheaper product while trying to get the customer to buy the most expensive one can sometimes cause the customer to think twice about doing business with the company because they feel they aren't being heard. Remember, many customers want to get the cheapest deals they can find on products and they may feel that a cheaper product is better for them than a more expensive one. Good salespeople will listen to customer concerns and questions about products and will say something along the lines of "yes, you could buy this product, but this product while a little more expensive could work better for you because of the following advantages."


Engage The Customer With Questions And Simplify When Necessary


Sometimes if you're selling products that have complex specifications, you do run into customers who aren't sure what some of the terminology means. The best way to address these customers is to explain what some of those specifications mean in simple terms, and to ask them specific questions about what they need the product for. The more questions you ask leading up to the point of sale, the more you can keep them engaged and help them better understand what to look for. 


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