Why Sales and Marketing Have to Be Crucially Integrated.

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Most global and local enterprises operate profitably without figuring out the fundamental relationship between their sales efforts and marketing campaigns. The consequence is that most of them rarely achieve optimal revenue efficiency. How do you gauge the efficiency of a well-executed marketing plan? Could your sales plan, however applied, be truly successful if your firm’s marketing efforts are lacking? Could a successful executive board formulate any marketing campaigns without consulting their sales department or vice versa?


Integrating Sales and Marketing Efforts


Every time a high-quality product is sold to the right market, at the most competitive price possible, powerful marketing manifests. Only sales can bring about customer satisfaction: the mother of customer loyalty, reviews and referrals. Therefore, sales affect marketing robustly and profoundly. Enterprises should, therefore, have well-branded products, by packing and delivery, for the sake of growing the brand’s image, awareness and sales. 

Marketing also helps targeted audiences  interact with those particular products. Effective marketing creates product anticipation from brands. It would only be a shame if a brand’s sales representatives sold well-anticipated products without taking time to please buyers and to advance further marketing strategies while at it. 


Perhaps, businesses should have their respective marketing and sales representatives reporting to the same department and carrying out joint sales and marketing tasks. Integrating sales and marketing is not only viable but financially empowering as well. By integrating such functions, a business can benefit:


• From the ability to evaluate its joint sales and marketing policies for efficiency and suitability

• Because representatives get more labor yield from employees who have to make both sales and marketing efforts for the same pay

• Because sales and marketing are complementary


While some people may opt to interpret the integration of sales and marketing as shifting to direct selling and multi-level marketing, perhaps the thought is not absolutely horrible. Companies which employ that strategy skillfully and efficiently enjoy stable growth. 


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