How to Handle a Sales Call Effectively

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One of the most dreaded tasks of sales agents is handling cold calls. Regardless if it's an outbound or an inbound call, handling calls can be quite the challenge. But don't fret, because we have got you covered. Here are some tips that can help you take on calls effectively and avoid rejection from a prospect customer. 



Greet & Smile



It may sound odd, but having an idea of how you want the conversation to flow can be a real help for you. A prepared standard greeting or response can give the prospect a good impression and not want to hang up on you. Always start with a formal introduction such as Mr, Mrs, or Miss to be professional with your introduction but don't sound mechanical. In order for the delivery to be less robotic, practice it. Try saying it to another person and ask for their opinion on how you can make it sound more natural.


Smile while you greet the person on the other end of the line. Some experts have observed that smiling while taking a call somewhat relaxes both parties that can lead to a calmer, more pleasant, and more coherent conversation. 



Mind your Tone



People can tell when you are being genuine or not just by the tone in your voice. If you smile as you are talking,your voice automatically has more enthusiasm. You are selling to this prospect, hence, put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to buy a product or service from a person who sounds miserable on the other line of the phone? We didn't think so. 


In a phone call, people gauge each other through the tone and volume of their voice. Without further context, using the wrong tone of voice may be misinterpreted and prevent you from delivering the right message. That is why, you should always be mindful of your tone since different situations call for different tones of voice.For example, if you are pitching your product or service, sounding more cheerful can give the message that you're proud of the product and you're excited to offer it to them. If the caller is requesting for help regarding a product, a lower more emphatic tone is suitable to let the caller know that you're there and ready to assist them.



Follow Up



As soon as you have an idea where this deal is headed with your prospect and you think they want to close in on it, schedule a meeting with them again. Allowing your potential customer to think over the terms and pricing of the deal over a couple days shows that you respect their time and space. You do not want to make it look like you are desperate on closing the deal either, no matter how much you need to make your sales quota or monthly goal, you have to be cool calm and collected. Always make sure to let them know you are there to help and that a hesitant decision on their end is not something you are looking for. 



Give Thanks



Always wrap up the phone call with a warm and enthusiastic goodbye. Thank the prospect for allowing you a portion of their time on such a busy day and reconfirm the meeting you set,either virtual or in person, that way you can pencil it in to your calendar. Don't forget to send over all the information the customer needs as well as your contact information in case they have any more questions.



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