Power Of Persuasion


Every successful sales agent knows that the days of hard selling are long gone and we need to rely on other methods for closing a deal the right way. You need to learn how to have an influence on your prospect and make sure they understand you can help solve their problems. If they think they do not have a any specific needs to grow their business , identify opportunities and prove how your product, a merchant cash advance, can help them get ahead and grow their business. The following are some of our favorite tips to closing through persuasion.



1. The Hard Sell Does Not Work 

You would be surprised as to how well a simple persuasion can help when dealing with merchants and small business owners. Pushy selling results in the customer thinking you just want a sale. Using persuasion helps connect you to your customers as their advocate. You are there to help them understand their needs and secure a business loan alternative to achieve their goals.


2. Listen!

Successful sales agents listen to their customers, learning about their business and their concerns. Many sales agents forget this number one principal of success in selling; listen. What are the priorities for this customer? Once you listen, you know better what they need.


3. Connect & Empathize

Connecting with your customers through deep and genuine rapport comes as a result of the listening activity mentioned above. People need rapport to build trust. Empathize with your customers. Show you hear them and want to help, and then close the sale.


4. Reputation Management

Building trust also occurs when the customer feels comfortable with the company. Over time Everest Business Funding has built their excellent reputation by matching small businesses to the right business loan alternatives. 


5. Solve Your Customer's Problem

Make sure your customer knows we will get the right deal, designed for their individual needs. As their advocate, you help your customer solve their problems, and close the deal. 


6. Use Relevant Examples

Use a hypothetical sample of a funded deal. Mention a friend has a small jewelry business and every so often he needs fast cash to take advantage of a bargain in diamonds. Debt prevents him from coming up with the cash he needs to buy the product. His sales history shows he will make up the cost. Becoming an Everest client makes it possible for him to keep his business fresh with new supplies via a Merchant Cash Advance or a Business Loan Alternative. This is an ideal example to set because it demonstrates the ability to grow a business with a merchant cash advance. 


Referral Bonus

Our organization always needs independent sales agents like you who want to earn top dollar in commission and bonuses selling merchant cash advances. We encourage you to reach out so we can discuss the possibilities of a partnership.