The Winning Sales Process To Close The Deal


The Winning Sales Process To Close The Deal


If you are looking to improve your sales process and close more deals, then you need the right strategies and techniques. Having a powerful system to use in selling is even more important for certain fields, such as selling merchant cash advance as a business loan alternative. If you fail to use the right methods, you'll miss sales and your income will plummet. So use the following process to close that deal and take your sales to the next level:


1. Prospect


The first step in any sales process is to fill up your pipeline. This is also known as prospecting. Prospecting is part numbers game and part strategy. The first part is to simply keep your phone and email busy. Reach out to as many customer as possible. The second part is ask the right questions when speaking with them, which leads into the next part of the sales process, qualifying.


2. Qualify


Many sales people feel that they must sell themselves and their company to their prospect. However, the opposite is also true. You need your potential customer to demonstrate to you that they are qualified to do business with you. This is especially true with cash advances, as companies with poor cash flow could spell trouble in the future.


3. Profile


Once you've determined that your prospect is truly qualified, it's time to find out what kind of buyer they are. Do they make decisions in an analytical fashion or more emotionally? Ask smart questions and observe their behavior to craft your approach.


4. Select the Product


If you qualify and profile your customer right, they will reveal what kind of solution they need. Then it's up to you to select which product in your company that suits them best. The next step is to show them the value in the presentation.


5. Present


When presenting, gather all the facts and figures that you have available. Also use social proof in the form of testimonials. This scientific and social approach is a powerful combination when leading into the close.


6. Close


Obviously, you don't sell to sell, you sell to close. When a deal closes, your company gets cash and so do you. The key to closing is courage: don't be afraid to ask for the business, even if they seem hesitant. After all, you can't hit a homerun if you don't swing the bat.


7. Follow Up


Great sales pros follow up with their customers. Sometimes, they aren't ready to buy on the first round. By staying top of mind you increase their chance of inking the deal later on. Don't lose sales because you aren't a disciplined professional in your follow up techniques.


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