Smart Marketing


Smart Marketing

Your marketing plan and its execution mean the difference in your number and quality of leads, and your sales conversions. A number of marketing systems exist, but one of the most successful methods uses specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed (SMART) objectives to frame the plan and each campaign.


Your marketing plan sets the tone, goals, objectives, campaigns, even the sales pitch of your firm. Done right, it makes every activity easier and leads to more sales. A smart objective means:


specific: focus on one aspect only per objective,

measurable: set a numeric value as a sales or profit objective,

achievable: set realistic goals based upon prior sales and growth,

realistic: use existing resources to plan and set the objective,

timed: use a schedule for each objective and the overall plan.



For example, a clothing company releases its spring collection and wants to begin selling overseas. Each initiative receives its own set of objectives, the specific aspect. For measurable, the company sets a realistic objective of 20 percent higher sales from the prior year's spring line. A sales objective of 40 percent would be neither realistic nor achievable since it would require more than double the prior best year to year sales growth and would require significantly more sales staff, as well as, expanded manufacturing and distribution. The company's prior best year to year growth was 19 percent, so 20 percent is achievable. One can also consider it realistic since it utilizes existing resources, such as sales staff, and manufacturing and distribution capabilities. The timed objective sets the beginning, end, and intervening milestones and monitoring dates. On the end date, compare the actual results to the projected results, and adjust the next phase or project's objectives accordingly.


If you are a sales agent, consider partnering with us! We work to provide you with the most reliable customer support for your clients and make the funding process as quick and easy as possible for everyone. Here at Everest Business Funding we help regional business leaders throughout the U.S.. We assist in their projects/expansions through merchant cash advances, also known as business loan alternatives. Being part of the team means using SMART objectives. These objectives structure our marketing plan that helps guide success towards higher sales conversions.