4 Unique Advertising Ideas For Valentine's Day



While many individuals complain that Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday designed to help increase revenue for greeting card companies, candy stores, and more, the fact remains that it is an almost $19 billion holiday. In fact, the National Retail Foundation actually says that nine out of ten Americans are already planning to purchase something for their significant others, and the average amount spent will be nearly $90.

So whether you are a small business owner or part of a large multi-chain corporation, you likely want to capitalize on some of that Valentine’s Day spending. Here are a few ideas of how you can do just that.

1. Craft a sweet cell promotion.

Very few consumers are without their phones throughout the day, so one of the most effective ways to reach your customers is a text campaign. The average individual responds to a text message within 90 seconds, versus 90 minutes for an email. 

A great offer for any company is a 2-for-1 deal. For example, restaurants may consider offering two desserts for the price of one, and boutiques can offer two fragrance products for the price of one. Another option is to offer a specific discount, such as 20 percent off candy. 

Keep in mind that whatever promotion you use, you should include Valentine’s Day in the text and incorporate “romantic” wording, such as words like “love,” “sweet,” and “heart.” Here is an example: Have a special someone? Treat her to a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day with our 2-for-1 cupcakes today at Bea Bakes. Just show this text.

2. Spread the love with a social media campaign. 

Want to create a real buzz for your business? Social media is the place to do it. Invite your audience to “Spread the Love” on a social site. Invite customers to share sweet stories, pictures, poems, and other ditties that illustrate love, friendship, and romance on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to have participants attach a specific hashtag or include your business name in the post. And include a fun giveaway for a winner of your choosing to increase participation.

For example, United Airlines ran a “Love in the Air” promotion inviting customers who initially met or fell in love during their travels to share their love stories. The airline then selected finalists and awarded the winning couple round-trip tickets to anywhere in the United States.

Don’t worry. You prize package doesn’t have to be that extravagant. You could offer the winner 2 free items from your business or a coupon/store credit good toward anything in your store.

3. Create a video showcasing unique gift ideas.

Everyone needs a little inspiration once in a while, especially when it comes to finding unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. You know the typical flowers and chocolate won’t really cut it. 

Consider creating a visual gift guide with ideas from products that you offer. Be as creative as you want a put together a full guide with several ideas or simply shoot an idea a day and release a video a day leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

You don’t need any special video editing equipment to accomplish this, but you will want a good staging area, a cell phone, and proper lighting. Avoid windows as backdrop and select a wall with a little texture or detail.

Share your video gift guide or guides on your social media pages, email it to your customer list, and display it in your store with a counter-top iPad or even an in-store television.

4. Host an event with a local charity.

There is no better way to share the love this season than by teaming up with a local charity for a unique event. A local restaurant may offer a heart-healthy class to teach couples how to make healthy meals for their loved ones and family. Alternatively a fitness boutique may host a heart-pumping fitness class. Consider charging a nominal fee for participating and donate the proceeds to your charity of choice.

To keep with the theme of love, team up with a heart-themed charity, such as your local chapter of the American Heart Association or the Children’s Heart Foundation. For example, Macy’s rallied with Go Red for Women in a simple social media campaign. For each Valentine’s Day picture uploaded, the retailer donated $2 to the organization.

You’ll want to promote the event as much as possible. Post fliers in and around your store, advertise the campaign on social media, and create an event on Facebook so customers can RSVP. Also have your cashiers mention the big event to customers as they checkout leading up to the big day.

If business has been a bit slow since the start of the year, the season of love is the perfect opportunity to pick things up a bit or just to maximize what you are currently doing. Use one of these unique ideas or come up with one of your own! Just be sure to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season and spread the love!

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