How to Get Your Small Business to Survive & Scale

Business growth is dependent upon scaling your business when the time is right. Failure to scale will result in your business stagnating and falling apart. In order to scale effectively, you need to know when it is time to scale and how to hold things together as you are scaling.
Before attempting to scale, it is important that your business be built on a sturdy foundation to prevent it from falling apart under the pressure of growth.. If your business is not thriving, you need to work on the things that are preventing you from success before you work on growth.

Brand Your Company

Your brand needs to be recognizable and stand for a good service or product. When people read your company name, do they know what your company does? If not, make sure they do. Make your company an authority in your industry. When your industry is mentioned, your company's name needs to be the next thing spoken.


If you don't network already, you need to start. Go where industry leaders gather, introduce yourself, and talk business. Establish your presence in the industry with those who may require your product or service. You want to make a positive impression so that your name is at the top of the list when they have a need in your industry.

Set Goals

When you are ready to scale, being prepared and setting goals go a long way to ensuring success. Your goals will give you and your staff something they can work toward. Envisioning success is a great way for staff to prepare and work toward a common goal.
Plan Ahead
Work with your staff to have contingency plans in place for possible issues that may arise. Things will go wrong, but you can anticipate potential scenarios and create action plans to address those bumps in the road. Having a plan in place will allow your company to address problems quickly and effectively.

Know What's Important

Focus on the big picture and hand down basic operations to others who are capable and experienced. You need to be confident that your business can fully function while you are working on scaling the company. Things need to stay together as you grow and you need to be able to direct growth as it takes place.

Have Experts On Hand

You are going to need to bring in people who are experts in their prospective fields to ensure success. Finances are an example of an area where you will need specialized help. If you're not used to obtaining large capital, a financial specialist whose specialty is large business loans and financing options will have the expertise you need to succeed.

These steps will ensure that your business scales successful and has a strong foundation to support the extra work load. Keep your goal in your sights and work with employees to ensure they know which goals they need to focus on in order to get you there. Keep your sights on success.