How Tweets Go Viral

A tweet suddenly going viral might seem completely up to chance, but the truth is that that there's a proven science behind the phenomenon. Any business that can effectively harness the power of all factors that encourage viral sharing will have a serious leg up over the competition in their niche. It doesn't take years of intense research into complex algorithms or psychological suggestion to make more of your tweets go viral on social media. The following factors are all simple elements of the formula that can cause a tweet to suddenly gain an audience of millions. 

Value increases the likelihood of sharing

First and foremost, tweets the provide some kind of real value to other users are always more likely to go viral than self-serving tweets. While many business owners and casual users like are daunted by the 140-character limit, the truth is that not even all 140 characters are needed to provide Twitter users with something informational and interesting. When you share something useful with other users that they've never heard before, they'll be more encouraged to spread it out among their own network to share what they've learned. In addition to having your own tweets provide your followers with genuine value, retweeting material from other profiles that you know contains information relevant to your market can go a long way as well.

A picture is worth a thousand words

An image that immediately communicates the point of a Tweet will always be more valuable than plain-texted tweet. Images help a tweet tap into the sensory stimulation that immediately grabs people's attention and leaves a stronger impression by default. An image can accomplish several different things that increase the likelihood of it being shared. Pictures can instantly deliver information, insight, clarity, or emotional stimulation; with the right contextual relevance, all of these are conducive to a tweet going viral very quickly.

Giveaways and calls to action

An extension of providing informational value to Twitter users is by providing value in the form of a physical giveaway. In addition to spreading the word about something valuable than can be acquired for free, the viral factor can be boosted even further by making sure to include an easily-followed call to action that jump-starts users into action and prompts them to tell others to do the same. 

Embedded links are always engaged with more than raw links 

The more "clean-looking" and brief the text of a Tweet is, the more willing people are to engage with it. Embedding a link may not directly make a Tweet go viral, but it's a strong alternative to posting a raw link, which would almost guarantee that the tweet doesn't get shared at all. Making sure to incorporate useful links into your content is one of the most critical measures that you make for the sake of your business's online presence. 

By providing a link to your website, you can ensure that your call to action reaches far more users within your desired niche than you could have manually reached on your own at no cost.