The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs

With a woman running for president and many powerful females in various positions and offices, the United States has seen major changes from even just three decades ago. Knowing how strong women are is important, but so is examining the reasons why they have improved their collective status. Other marginalized groups can seek hope in women's experiences.

Role Redistribution

Society has shifted the ways in which it assigns roles to males and females. Peeking into a household in the 1960s, one would likely see a woman cooking dinner for her family as her husband arrives home with his briefcase. Since the past century, women have advanced into many more career-oriented positions. While the idea of female roles and male roles has not completely diminished in modern society, the race toward that elimination is underway. 

Higher College Attendance

Attending college is not a prerequisite to having power and obtaining positions of authority; however, this type of education does help. People who attend college and graduate school tend to earn more money than individuals who do not. In the past, not as many women attended college as they do now. With the increase of females earning college degrees, the number of women in powerful positions has also increased.

Greater Acceptance

In earlier times, society as a whole did not look at women as people who were capable of obtaining and maintaining power outside of the domestic sphere. As attitudes have shifted, women have gained a greater sense of confidence. Some may say that people should pursue their goals no matter what other individuals say. While that idea has truth to it, they should also remember that society sought to keep women down. Barriers were in place, through both legal and illegal means, to obstruct women's rights.

Feminist Movements

Feminism has held a great deal of power in the United States, especially in the 20th and 21st centuries. Groups supporting feminism has brought serious issues into the public domain. For example, many people were unaware of the salary gap that exists between men and women. When the public became aware of this issue, they also started to examine the reasons why such an inequality exists. The idea that men make more money than women based on gender has enraged individuals to fight even harder for their rights and to expedite their climb to the top.

More Options for Parents

In the older years, society expected women to stay at home to care for their children. Now, many companies offer both maternity and paternity leave, allowing for both parents to take on that role. Also, more daycare centers have opened, and parents can find babysitters in the community and on the internet. Some businesses even have daycare facilities right on the grounds so that parents can continue with their jobs. 

Taking a look at why women have risen in power can help to inspire other females to do the same. It also allows other groups forced to the fringes of society to see where hope lies.