How to Become a Top Sales Representative

If you work for a sales department, then you know that the field is extremely competitive. You have to find new ways to stay ahead of the competition. The New York Times reports on top sales tips from the experts that can help you streamline your process and boost your success. 

Always use CRM

Keeping track of the who, what, where, and whens of a conversation or meeting is crucial to new sales. People are more likely to interact with you if you remember something personal about your previous encounter. For instance, if a lead has twin boys that are entering Kindergarten, then you could mention the children during the next conversation to get the client talking. 

Get to the point

Be precise and informative. Give the information and follow with conversion tactics. Stating your purpose up front lets you weed out the uninterested parties. 

You have to be believable

Almost any successful sales expert will tell you that you need to believe in the product or service you are selling. If you are not interested, then it is hard to convince someone else to buy into your service or purchase your product. 

Use social media

Whether you use social media or not is irrelevant in today's market. You have to be on social media, connecting with people, entering conversations, and offering solutions for people to pay attention to your brand. Those who are not on social media are way behind the times and need to catch up fast before they get left behind. 

Lead with relevant content that is thoroughly researched

Start off with a percentage or a quote that is on-topic with your sales meeting. Make sure that people understand that the data is there, and it is real. Give them the figures and then work on convincing them that what you offer is something they cannot live without now. 

Build trust

People want an emotional connection with the brands they identify with and purchase. Sales reps can help people by nurturing the relationship with effective communication. Answer questions on social media quickly for best results. 

Be transparent to keep trust intact

People want to believe in vision and feel like their purchase has meaning. To give them this, sales departments must be honest with their tactics and reporting measures. Fix problems and negative comments immediately to head off negative press. 

First impressions are made about 15 seconds

Have your introductory pitch laid out. Practice it until you memorize it. Then, practice some more. 

Learn to love data

Analytics are a sales person's best friend. They give you all the information you need. You can decide to stay put or change direction faster with data. 

Network, network, network

Connecting on social media, in-person, and on mobile devices is vital to success. Sales reps have to keep a revolving list of contacts. Networking can also help you link to respectable companies to build reputation.