Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

For the small business, the holidays are the perfect time to get creative with marketing strategies. While it may seem like the larger businesses have the advantages, the holidays can quickly even things out. The key to your success is simply figuring out which steps you want to take to make the holidays actually work for your small business. 

Social Media Marketing

The holidays are the time to step up your social media marketing to get more attention to your small business. Use the social media to announce the sales you have throughout the holiday period. In fact, running a special promotion where someone can win a prize for sharing your post is a great way to drive more traffic into your business.

Holiday Emails

If your small business has yet to start collecting email addresses of your customers, now is the time do so. You can then send out a holiday-themed email to announce specials or discounts for those who have signed up to receive them. Be sure your email practices follow the proper procedures and allow someone to opt out, though. For this reason, it may be advantageous to consult with a marketing firm that specializes in email marketing. 

Free Gift Promotion

During the holidays, shoppers are trying to get the most for the least money spent. By offering a free gift promotion, you can lure shoppers in and increase your sales. The gift does not have to be expensive, but it should be strategic. For example, offering a free coloring book to someone who purchases a 64 pack of crayons may be the only incentive needed for your shoppers to buy the crayons. 

Networking Opportunities

The holidays are usually filled with festive events in the community. By attending as many events as you can, it will provide you a great opportunity to network with others. It is the perfect time to get the word out about your business and what it offers without too much extra effort. Be sure to have your business cards ready to give out at all of the events you attend. 

Host a Holiday Event

A great way to kick off the holiday season is to host your own holiday event at your business. No matter what type of business you own, a holiday open house is the perfect way to increase business and give thanks to your patrons. Nothing says thank you more than free food and entertainment and your customers and clients will appreciate it. 
These, of course, are just a few of the things you can do during the holiday to give your small business the advantage. The holidays are the perfect time to offer incentives and promotions to help build your business even if it requires an influx of capital. Price Funding offers merchant cash advances for situations like these. You can get approved in as little as 24 Hours and have anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 in your business bank account in 48 hours. Be sure to take some time off, too, as we all need a chance to relax and reflect on the past year’s performance.