Halloween Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Never think of traditions, or holiday celebrations, as a hindrance to your small business. Take advantage of the upcoming celebrations, beginning with Halloween, and engage in thematic marketing! Thematic marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to bring traffic to your business, even without the need of offering holiday- specific merchandise. A little creativity with words can go a long way to make your business really stand out. 

Check out 5 ideas make Halloween work for your small business marketing program whether your store is online…or on the ground!

1. Let your employees be your best marketing tool!

Let your employees “become” the decoration by allowing them to dress up in their favorite outfits during this season. Let them pass out pieces of candy as people check out, and just remind them that good customer service still beats any store sale or decoration. 

Note: If any of your employees goes “all out” with his or her costume, reward them with a prize and ask the employee whether he or she would be willing to take pictures with customers. Everyone loves a “selfie” with a superhero or villainous monster! 

If the employee agrees, get it in writing, and announce that “THE CHARACTER” is in the building and willing to take selfies with interested customers. 

2. Throw in an in-store or online “Boo-Go,”or “Zombie-A-BoGo” sale!

Check inventory for items that more off-the-shelf movement and offer a BoGo (buy one item, get one item free or half-price) sale with a ghostly theme. 

You can also mark the Boo-Go or Zombie-A-BoGo items with large pumpkin or bat stickers, fluorescent stickers, or with a brand-specific marker that reminds the customers about the sale that is currently taking place. 

Online small businesses can simply list the BoGo sale on a separate tab.

3. Inventive packaging

Even if you are late in decorating your small business, or if you sell online, you can still provide creative packaging by just packing your store items in black and orange bags. That is just the easiest of many ideas. 

You can also:

•    Seal envelopes with Halloween stickers.
•    Have a paper bag station to let kids decorate their own shopping bags with Halloween-themed stickers, crayons and markers.
•    Stamp children’s hands as they come in with Halloween-themed ink stamps.
•    Add a small candy back with all customers’ orders, or orders over a specific amount in total. 
•    Wrap gifts in Halloween-color paper wraps (green/orange, black/orange, yellow/orange/black).
•    Glitter and confetti are always popular. Throw in some “witchy dust” in the shopping bags. If your small business is brick and mortar, have your employees chant out a magic word, with your store’s name in it, prior to “sprinkling the magic dust.” Remember to use small amounts. 
•    Tape a lollipop to packages or gift bags
•    Stamp packages or gift backs with the rubber ink stamps.

4. Re-word your world- If you’d rather take the simplest route, just re-word everything around you for this period of time.

Re-word your offers by using theme-specific words, such as “Spook-tacular,” to refer to your sale items. Describe any food product as “Gooey-lishly delicious,” or “Wicked-ly Good.” Even pet stores cleverly use pictures of critters and ghouls to attribute magical qualities to their furry friends in need of adoptions. 

5. In-store or online “Haunted” or “Mystery Item”

 Check inventory for items that can be given at a lower price, and describe them in the store flyer as “mystery items,” that can be either free or cheaper, with the purchase of another. The “Mystery Item” flash sale is known to increase both traffic and profits to any business. It is a great opportunity to connect with clients, particularly those who are new to your business.

The ideas are endless. There has never been a better time to use the holidays as your best marketing tool!