How to Make the Most Out Of Small Business Saturday 2015!

In the contemporary world, many families and individuals do their shopping in large malls and shopping centers. Very few people shop at grocery stores. This, however, has had serious implications on the economy of certain areas. 

In normal circumstances, small businesses often sell common household items like sugar, cooking oil, groceries, and many more. The prices of these items in the local businesses tend to be lower than those in the large malls in cities. On November 27, 2010, American Express started an initiative that asks people to shop at their local small businesses. Here is how both business people and shoppers can make the most out of Small Business Saturday 2015.

1) Plan early

Make the arrangements for the day in time to avoid last minute rush. Check online for free marketing materials and event guides, it is free and easy.

2) Create excitement around the day

There are already digital materials available on the internet that you can make use of. Download the information and do share with loved ones. Inform family and friends about the relevance of this day and let your community know that it’s going to be memorable. 

3) Put on your best outfit

This event is huge, therefore, dress to impress. Enjoy yourself and use fun things like balloons, posters, brochures and other materials to create a buzz. Encourage others to shine up for the day as well. Make sure everyone around you feels excited too.

4) Share widely on social media 

Let everyone know that Small Business Saturday is a huge day by posting the event on your social site. You can even create a page and invite as many of your friends as possible. Tweet it or highlight it on your website. Similarly, you can also design badges with the day's theme and stick it in your business premises.

5) Encourage people to participate

Let everyone you know realize how important the day is and assist them if it’s required, to join. Show commitment to your workers or colleagues by becoming a big part of Small Business Saturday. Call for meetings at work to talk about the day. You can also custom make your emails and any other mode of communication to carry Small Business Saturday messages.

6) Design awareness creation materials and messages

Take part in making sure that all the messages contained in the awareness creation materials are relevant. For example, ensure all the information showcases the significance of this day to the larger economy of the region. Also, make the information readable and easily comprehensible. Advocate for the importance of the day in the easiest way possible.

In conclusion, Small Business Saturday 2015 is projected to be one of the biggest events of all time. Numbers are expected to skyrocket and excitement will be in the air. Everyone is encouraged to participate and make the day prosperous. Pass the word around so that many people can come together for this event.