Prepping Your Business for Black Friday

Prepping Your Business for Black Friday.jpg

Black Friday is one of the busiest days of the year, which means your company needs to be ready. Ideally, you have been thinking about how to handle this year's big sales day since last year's ended. However, if you are still coming up with a plan for the day after Thanksgiving, what should you consider as part of your strategy?

Look at Historical Sales Figures

The first step in creating any plan is to look at sales and traffic patterns from a year ago. Understanding what items sold best and when they sold will give you an idea as to your inventory and staffing needs that day. If your business has advertised any special products, those products should be the first that are ordered to ensure that they arrive. Otherwise, you could have hundreds of angry customers accusing you of using bait-and-switch tactics.

Make Sure You Have Enough Staff

It is a good idea to put as many people as possible on the schedule for the day after Thanksgiving. This enables you to have every line open, every phone line staffed and enough people on the floor to offer assistance to those who may need help getting the service that they need. In a worst case scenario, you can always send people home if you don't do as much business as your projections indicated. To ensure that you have enough people available to work Black Friday, don't be afraid to offer extra pay or other perks that will make them look forward to working such a hectic shift. 

Make Sure Your Website Can Handle Additional Traffic

Today, it is just as common for customers to do their shopping online as it is for them to do it at a physical store location. Therefore, it is important to make any adjustments to your site that will allow for that extra traffic without crashing the page. It is also a good idea to tweak keywords or product descriptions to ensure that they are optimized for search. Doing so can lead to additional organic traffic, which can lead to increased sales at a lower customer acquisition cost. 

Black Friday is a day that every business should be planning for throughout the year. With sales starting earlier and shoppers having more options than ever before to find exactly what they want, having proper foresight is critical to generating the largest possible profit for your business.