How to improve your chances of finding the right funding.

How to improve your chances of finding the right funding.


Regardless of industry, small- and medium-sized businesses generally require working capital to fund their ambitions and continue the long-term goal of growth. Whether you're looking to get funding for a startup company, help finance cash flow, or any other kind of business financing, the chances of a successful application are much better when you try to get the right funding for your needs. The following tips can help improve your funding chances: 

1. Be Up Front and Honest

You might believe lenders want to hear how incredible your business is and how much money you're expecting it to make if you just had a little bit of help, but the truth is that they just want the facts. You may feel tempted to overshadow some of the potential problematic details, but lenders want and need to hear the truth when submitting an application for funding; for both your sake and the lender's, it's best to estimate your business' growth based on realistic, accurate projections.

2. Keep Financing Realistic

Having a good sense of what you can and can't expect to get from financing for your company is essential to getting the right funding. It won't always be readily obvious what your company can handle in its given situation, but focusing on practical options is always best. It's important to be ambitious as a business owner, but being unrealistic and too optimistic can greatly hinder your financial solutions. 

3. Understanding Financing Options

Small businesses have various kinds of small business funding options available to them, which makes it imperative to do some research to know which one will work best in your favor. SCORE and the Small Business Administration can both offer a wealth of information with regard to SBA-guaranteed financing. In addition to this, you'll want to research a specific provider you're considering applying for funding from; this will help ensure you're meeting or exceeding their full expectations and requirements, which saves everyone time and money. 

4. Get Good Advice

These days, it isn't that hard to find solid advice for small business funding, which makes it worth the effort for even the most experienced managers and company directors. Impartial and independent observers with years of experience in the industry make excellent sources of quality information and support when it comes to applying for company funding. This is especially true with the wide array of small business funding options available; just five years ago, there weren't nearly so many options. Along with the number of financing options, the number of specialists and expert advisors has also been on the rise in recent years; these providers exist to serve small companies needing guidance.

5. Keep Persistent

Though small businesses have various funding options, persistence still pays off when looking for a good funding deal that spells success for your company. It's usually impossible to avoid the financial ups and downs, but a positive attitude can help you weather the worst you'll come across.