Useful Ways to Market your Small Business.


Useful Ways to Market your Small Business

In the 21st century, marketing is not what it used to be. While press releases, new product launches, and partnerships still play an active marketing role, innovation has a niche all of its own. Digital and social media have become game changers most businesses take full advantage of. 

Now, multiple accounts on platforms including the big three Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are required. The rationale is that audiences are plugged into a variety of outlets for information, purchasing, and sharing. Couple these with ad buys at pennies on the dollar to raise brand awareness across the spectrum's.

Digital media

Videos have a way of moving the marketing needle quite a bit. Consumers want a way to feel the product or service being offered. Reviews have 3D animation adding a new dimension to staging a brand’s ware. This translates into an interactive and intuitive customer experience that leads to higher conversions, which is the critical marketing metric. Embracing videos with the sounds of satisfied testimonials will take any campaign to the next level. 

Social Media

An example of the ad power on social media can be found on the behemoth Facebook. A single post has the potential to go viral after an ad buy of less than $100. Pinning a post at the top of the page is another way to keep your product or service relevant for the time you dictate. Responding to comments is more of the sought-after consumer engagement that propels brands to industry leaders. Hiring a social media specialist to develop and execute a strategy is marketing money well spent. 

Press Releases

It is more important to make news with a well-timed release for a big ticket project. Saturating outlets with releases has the disadvantage of being seen as over kill. Targeted audiences look for value to them and not for a strategy based on grabbing the microphone. Announcements that involve the consumer for sweepstakes, giveaways, and promotions will have the greatest and desired impact.

New Product Releases

Marketing trends have borne out that consumers love being the first with the latest gadget. Capitalize on this phenomenon with services and products exclusive to your brand. Providing incentives in the form of owning something before neighbors and family is a powerful strategy. Incorporating a survey will garner leads as well as R&D insights. Expand this tactic with re-releases of the bread and butter of your business model that you want to catapult to the spotlight.


Riding some coattails has huge value. Part of brand development is linked directly with the partners you do business with. This also has residual marketing benefits. For example, more placements on the partner outlets lead to unpaid organic searches and conversions. In essence, this is more marketing bang for the buck. Partnerships are a two-way street, which means allocating space on your outlets that are appropriate and strategic. 

ROI is the biggest acronym in marketing, because it is the benchmark of a successful campaign and profit margins. In addition, maintaining a robust and agile website is part of a solid marketing infrastructure. A focus on the areas discussed here will add to the business critical bottom line. A caveat is the brand awareness that continues to break through the sale’s noise to build customer loyalty.